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24-Terabyte Theater Showcases Massive Video Library

By Lisa Montgomery
Mega storage lets this movie buff keep growing his huge DVD collection, with 2.35:1 video and high-performance Monitor Audio surround system.

Measuring just 15 feet wide and 19 feet long, this home theater may be on the small side, but the size of the owners' movie collection is anything but tiny. More than 2,000 movies are already stored digitally in the 24-terabyte Kaleidescape media server, some of which are films with scores written for, or produced by the owner's two sons.

Still, with so much available space on the server, the owner can't help but add at least a dozen more weeklyjust one of the benefits of being a member of two mail-order DVD stores, says Steve Hooper, president of Audio Video Design Consultants, the Nashville-based firm hired to transform a spare upper-level guest room into a theater worth more than $250,000.

Films aren't the only type of video stored on the server, however. There's plenty of room for the owners' extensive array home movies as well as trailers that he created himself. It's a quick trip to the theater from his video editing station, which sits just behind the theater in a home office closed off by a door.

Bedrooms reside on the other side of the hall, so Audio Video Design Consultants covered the walls and ceiling entirely with two-inch-thick acoustical paneling to prevent the sound from seeping outquite an accomplishment given the theater's audio prowess. Seven Monitor Audio speakers and two subwoofers, driven by Lexicon processors and amps can really shake the room, says Hooper.

Proud of their son's accomplishments, it only seemed fitting that the owners would present them on the biggest screen the room could hold (illuminated movie posters also pay tribute to their Hollywood projects). The 106-inch Stewart Filmscreen screen is not only big; it can also alter its shape based on the type of video being presented by a top-of-the-line Runco VX-550 projector.

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