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2400 dollars and Best Sound Wanted

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I read so much here and just undecided about purchasing a receiver.

So much about upscaling and seems like mid price receivers do little

for upscaling.

I want a receiver with HDMI and want surround 7.1 but only going to use it for 5.1 for a while.

I really want to hear pure great sound for movies and music..

Been thinking of buying a older unit but seems like I have to have 1.3 for the real movie sound for Blu Ray to come alive.

Been looking at Denon and really been looking at marantz.

Denon 5805 -4308 and Marantz SR9600 or 8002

Do you have to have High Watts 130 or higher to get this sound I am looking for?

I guess a few years down road I would get a upscaler to add on to receiver when they are improved more..

Any suggestions from any one that has gone through this receiver madness.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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