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$2500 5.1, What would you buy?

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Totally subjective poll. If someone gave you $2500 to spend on a 5.1 system, what speakers and sub would you buy for yourself? Have fun.
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I'll go first. First I considered the Rocket RS450 Main Speakers, RSC200 Center Speaker, and

RS250MkII Rear Surround Speakers for $1897 + shipping and the HSU VTF-2MK3 for $522 inc shipping. Total $2419 + shipping on rocket. But I think I would actually go for the Ascend CMT-340s all the way around for $1410 shipped, leaving room for a svs PB12-Plus at $1149 shipped. Total $2559 (Whoops, guess I'll rob the change jar for the extra $59)
I like the Ascend combo, but I'd get the HTM-200s for surrounds and spend the difference on upgrading the SVS to the PB12-Plus/2. There's no replacement for displacement.
Keep this up guys.... I am in this ball park as well.....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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