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$2500 max budget, what is the largest LCD or Plasma I can get? NEWBIE

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Well, I have been a projector guy so far (and I still am), but one of my business partners wants to get either LCD or Plasma. She has $2500 max budget. What would you guys recommend?

She is basicly looking for "big thin TV".

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Look at 42" Akai (Costco) and Gateway as they are in that ballpark. For a few more bucks, she could get a panasonic ED (~$2,900), that, IMHO will blow the doors off of the others in that price range.
2500 with taxes and shipping is the ceiling, so since Costco is in IL the price will be 2717 with taxes, and that maxes her out :-( Damn damn damn.
Looks like she's playing the waiting game. Sorry to say.
Hmmm. I wonder if that Akai unit would be available somewhere out of state for same price, that would be less of a hit on a pocketbook. Chicago has almost 10% sales tax, so you can see why I try to avoid it.

In my opnion, she should wait another 6 months or so and try to go for it then, she probably could get a reputable brand plasma for that. Do you think I am right or am I full of it?
Check out Lisa at www.plasmaextreme.us ,, I believe you can pick up a panny or nec for the price you are looking for. and you would be a very happy person. i believe you would save on taxes as well.

hope this helps,

panny listed is not 2500 on the plasma extreme website. Are you suggesting I could get that if i call on the phone?
Originally posted by superflysocal
panny listed is not 2500 on the plasma extreme website. Are you suggesting I could get that if i call on the phone?
I don't think you can get the 42" for that price.

Another option is the Panasonic TH-37PWD6UY.

But be advised Commercial Plasmas don't come with speakers/tuner/ stand.
Lisa has all types of plasmas and models and can also get her hands on some display models used for shows like CES etc. etc. and maybe just maybe if you contact her at plasmaextreme she might be ables to help you find something even if its last yrs model.

i got the 42" JVC WD74 (shipped!) at vanns.com for right in that price range. it's being delivered today...XXXX....(fingers crossed).
37-inch will do. She wants something above 30.
I think she will have to wait, The Akai (Costco) is $ 400 off if you order on line till Jan. 25th. There won't be any taxes, BUT there is shipping which is $199
koneman got a big discount off vanns listed price on that JVC! will you PM me?
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