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2805 with 6 ohms load, 1kHZ with 0.7%THD?

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I am thinking of using denon2805 to drive a pair of 6ohms 88dB swan diva 4.1 as main

2805 is rated as

100W 8ohm 20-20kHz with 0.05%THD.

135W 6ohm 1kHz with 0.7% THD.

What does the 1kHz means? and does 2805 have enough power to drive swan diva 4.1?
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I'd go by the 1st power rating since that represents a more realistic output across the entire music spectrum, not just at 1 kilohertz.

I have that receiver connected to Klipsch speakers (which tend to be highly efficient). This is enough to create painfully loud, but clean sound. Sorry, but I don't know the efficiency of the Diva's.
i posted the following on another thread...... it applies here as well....
also remember that a speakers impedance rating is it's "average rating".... the impedance can dip much lower at certain frequencies.... (and receivers are very poor at handling low impedance loads - generally)

an 8 ohm speaker can have dips as low as 3 ohms and a 4 ohm speaker can dip down to 1 or 2 ohms....
good luck...

The ratings for Denon tell you that probably it will run out of steam if speaker impeadence dips to 4 ohm region. 1KHz rating for most part is a marketing gimmick to show higher output numbers.
Thanks guys. So denon is really not willing to tell what the THD is besides of 1KHz. The [email protected] of 2803 is just 75*6 with 8ohms. hopefully 2805 might get to 80*6. The back plate of denon is rated 120V 5.6A. :)
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