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2900 SDI/iScan HD questions

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Hi all,

I've gotten my 2900 w/SDI and iScan HD all set up and see a couple of things I don't like. I'm hoping you can provide input.

My setup is:

Denon 2900 SDI > HD, also component > PJ (480P)

iScan HD w/SDI, current firmware > PJ via DVI (768P)


1. The iScan/2900 combo is a bit softer than the 2900 via component. In both DVE test patterns and real movies, the picture is noticeably softer, and IMHO the test patterns look better on the component feed. One thing - the component feed does show a LITTLE edge enhancement on some of the smaller text in the overscan patterns, but that's it. In DVDs, the PQ is currently better on component. The minute edge enhancement I can see in very few scenes is outweighed by the general crispness of the picture.

I saw another thread about the SDI offset being the culprit for someone - I'll try turning that off that later, as I'm using it now. It seems odd that offsetting the pic would affect PQ. Also, I'm at overscan +2 on the iScan. I tried going to 0 and it didn't seem to affect PQ. PJ is set at 0 overscan on both feeds.

I've tried 480P, 576P, 720P, 768P, 1080i and the 768P feed (XGA setting in iScan) looks the best. 576P is the best on the iScan's test patterns for pixel-mapping, but is jaggy on resolution patterns. I understand that enhancement is not a good thing; that's why I went to the 2900 after trying Denon's upscaling players - they all seemed artificially enhanced, and the 2900 looks sharp but natural, without the enhancement.

2. I'm getting what looks like green push to me on the SDI feed. On B&W scenes, the white is definitely carrying a green tinge. The PJ is calibrated, and none of my other sources are doing this, including the component feed from the 2900, which looks great.

I'm not sure I'll be able to correct this on the iScan, but I'm also not sure I want to change the PJ, as it'll affect my other sources. Anyone else seen this?
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YOu mentioned that you PJ is calibrated.... Using what as a source?

If it was calibrated using Component then it will look best with component.

Now that you are using SDI you will need to recalibrate it using that as a source. That will eliminated the green Push you are seeing. You should not have to use the overscan feature at all, that will only diminish the sharpness of the picture, as you are are actually blowing up the picture in small steps.

SDI Line offset feature does impact PQ as you noticed from my thread, but the threshold in loosing PQ may be different for different players/SDI Mods.
It was calibrated on the 2900 via component. So, I do understand that I'll need to go back and re-calibrate. It just seemed odd to be that far off with the green. I guess I could say that the component feed was far off in the other direction on green, except that my HD Sat feed is sharing the same DVI input with the DVD on the PJ and it's not pushing green. So, I was lucky that hte DVD and Sat box were clsoe enough to both look right before, whereas now I'll have to run different profiles for them. It just makes the setup less user-friendly.
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