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$299 lazy man’s gaming HTPC idea?

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***This is only for people that already have a good gaming PC and are tired of moving it from the office to the HT…. oh, are lazy too, heh***

This is an idea I’ve been thinking about for some time, but after the research, I’m still not sure about it. So, I need your guy’s advice, good or bad.

Here’s the question,

For a cost effective alternative to purchasing a whole new expensive gaming PC just for a HTPC, is it feasible to run the cables from the office to the HT, and still have a high-quality gaming experience?

My thinking is, if done correctly, based on length of cables, it would be a great way to keep my steroid pc in the office, and still have a great gaming experience in the TV room. Plus, it would be much cheaper than building 2 PCs! Oh, my wife would be happier too. It’s about 75 feet from the office to the TV room (through the crawl space).

Here’s the issue,

I worry about the usual FPS gaming issues, such as internet lag, video lag, KB/mouse lag (wireless mice = crap), graphics resolutions, overclocking, and overheating issues. I need split second response times with my controls and video when playing on the internet. A gaming PC costs a lot of money if you want a relatively decent gaming experience. Currently I have to lug my crazy steroid PC from the office to the TV room if I want to play on the 50 inch panny. It’s just looks bad sitting there, cables are everywhere, plus it’s a PITA to move it. I know one of those new fancy HTPC cases would look really nice under the TV, it’s just cost prohibitive to build another good gaming system. Then there’s the heating issue. These gaming PCs need decent air flow. You just can’t stick it into a cabinet under the TV, no matter which fancy computer case your purchase.

Oh, I don’t want an xbox 360, though it would be MUCH cheaper. I’d take my PC over that any day because of the versatility. I don’t need to explain that to you guys in the HTPC forum : )

I was thinking of purchasing:

-100 feet of xga VGA cable (1024x1280) and connecting it to my 7800gt (DVI to VGA connector), from cablestogo or newegg = $100

-100 feet of coax audio cable, 75omh shielded, from pacificcable = $119

-5x16ft (~80ft) 2.0 usb repeaters (usb powered), from newegg = $80

Anyone with some insights or experienced they want to share? How would the cable length affect the latency for the USB, video display, and sound?



Here’s my media room specs:

50 inch panny (lcd projection), a sub and 5.1 surround system, speakers are mounted to the ceiling with some Btech ceiling mounts. It’s clean and looks/sounds great. BF2 or Doom3 with 8xAA and 8xAF, 50 inch panny, 720p (native) or higher, ultra high settings, 5.1 audio. Its godly, especially with a big sub: )
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That $300 is an awful lot of money for an awkward setup. I recommend getting a second PC. I mean, don't you WANT to have more than one PC in your home? I'm not rich, but I have FOUR. Wife's, HTPC, laptop, gaming. All of my PCs are frequently used at the same time by my family for work and play.

You could build a very respectable HTPC for $600.
I have several PCs too (mine, wife's, kids', laptop) but my own doubles as an HTPC. My office is actually a "cubicle" in the corner of my HT room. My PC parts are all inside a cabinet over by my HT equipment. I run a 30' USB 2.0 cable, 30' VGA, etc over to my work area. It's kind of cool, it's like the projection room of the theatre, plus with the PC being so far away I never worry about noise (it's really quiet anyway). You're talking about a somewhat longer run though. Mine works flawlessly. I say go for it and let us know how it works. All those USB repeaters might be a problem though. Not sure.

- Cryo
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