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I am looking for a projector for my new Home Theater which will have 138" wide DaLite High Power 2.35:1 screen.

Room size is 16' X 30' (28' after screen wall) with 3 rows of seats in a light controled dark room.

The only affordable 1080p right now that has Vertical Stretch is Panny which has very low lumens for Cinema Mode. JVC RS1 would fit my budget only if it has Vertical Stretch.

So, I was thinking about AX100 for short-term until 1080p projectors come with more 'real' lumens but all the problems users are reporting on it is scaring me as I don't want to end up sending my projector for warranty repair.

Most DLPs with their offset limitations can be ruled out for me as I have High Power Screen which requires projector lens to be as close to viewers eye level as possible to get high gain. I will have to install my projector atleast 18"-24" from ceiling. So, a gain of 2 is possible for most viewing positions.

Are there projectors besides AX100 that have enough 'lumens' for me along with vertical stretch?
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