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My bonus room is ~16x19 and I am in the midst of converting it into a part time theater.

I have framed out a soffit/trey ceiling and have the following general lighting plan:

In addition to the can lights I am going to run some rope light around the soffit.

The ceiling is slanted on the left and right side of the room. This is why the soffit seems to end before the wall.

This is not a "dedicated theater". The walls will not be black (although I am trying to get them dark-ish-er). And for 75% of the time it will be more like a living room. I am also mounting a TV on the wall near the steps. Here is the proposed furniture layout:

The TV goes over the couch at the bottom of the image. All the other electronics are going in the closet at the bottom left of the layout.

I have already bought a 6 zone Grafik Eye for light control. I think I want the following button layout:
  • Day
  • Night
  • Tv
  • Movie
  • All off

Here is my initial second idea for lighting zones:

The grey box on the bottom wall is the GRX. Also note there is no light on the ceiling fan and the fan is not wired to the GRX. It is on a separate switch on your left as you come up the stairs into the bonus room (labeled S1).

Day and Night would have all zones on at different intensities.

Tv would have the zone that is against the Tv wall off to avoid shining light directly on the plasma and all others at some intensity.

Movie would have only the lights closest to the projector on.

Please note the soffit is already built and the new circuits are already pulled for the GRX and closet. I know I should have had this figured out before now but such is life

Any suggestions?


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