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I want to get my htpc on my kitchen display. I don't want to clone the display in ATI CCC with my main panel because I would have to knock down the resolution. In the spirit of the forum, I am trying to do this as cheaply as possible. I know I can get a DVI splitter and send one output to a scan converter for the kitchen display but that would cost about $250 as far as I can tell. I have an ATI 9800 pro with DVI/VGA/S-video outs and latest drivers/firmware. I wonder if anybody knows a way to use software or cheaper hardware to accomplish this. S-Video out would be fine for the kitchen display. I can run whatever lines I need.

Another option I wondered about is using a receiver as the scan converter since it is time to upgrade. Anybody know a receiver that passes hdmi and down converts to a second output.

Many thanks!
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