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2nd story double riser question

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Been reading the different construction threads and they are all great - thanks to all for documenting the processes.

I have a 22' x 12' x 8' bonus room over the garage and would like to put 3 rows of seats in. The ceiling rises in the center following the pitch of the roof to 12'. I've seen great single riser set-ups but am concerned about a few things.

1 - Can I just insulate with fiberglass as I think sand would be way too heavy

2 - Are there any picture threads of a double riser construction?

3 - I would take any advice before I get started.

I expect the top of my current 92"x53" screen to be at 7.5 feet or I may install a larger screen, 120"x53" and use masking for 2.35:1. It would still top out at 7.5 feet. We do HDTV, X360/PS2 and DVD so a 2:35 screen doesn't seem practical for us.

I'm looking at a 720P machine but haven't decided yet. (Current is 4805)


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Risers do not get sand put in them that would be the stage and even there it is not mandatory many people use insulation only.

Usually you do use insulation in the risers.

Biggest question is will you have the headroom for a double riser?
Duh, sometimes I only see the forest. So basically 2 large boxes on top of each other with insulation, conduit, etc...

Well I figure 8" each so 17" total with an 8' ceiling leaves 6'5" for standing in the back row. You think that's okay?
How did you arrive at the riser heights? there is a calculator on here that you enter the various aspects, height of screen from floor distance to the eyes of the viewers etc. and it tells you the height of your risers.

Are you getting this all inspected? if so then code will also dictate how much head room you need.

I have less than you mention in mine, I also don't do permits and inspections, [my business, not the town's. But it is something to take into account.
Yeah, I did use the calculator and because I'm placing my screen so high the result was a 3" riser so I may just go with 6" instead of 8" for more headroom. The 6" height may also allow me to do away with steps.

I will also just do what I want with permits/inspections and since I don't plan on connecting the risers to the floor or walls I can remove them when we move if I have to.

With the rear seats so close to the wall I guess I'll also need some diffusion back there and I'll have to deal with the higher ceiling in the middle of the room. I plan to put the equipment in the cutout at the top right of the room which allows me to vent the heat directly outside with a small fan.
1. You want insulation in the risers.

2. I made a double riser in my room on the second floor. You can see pictures on my build website linked in my sig or look at my AVS photos. Building a double riser on the second floor can add a lot of static weight to the floor joists. Be sure that it will support the weight. I kept the weight down by framing the risers the same way that a room if framed. The whole frame is made out of 2x6s, 12" OC and is very strong. Instead of building two boxes with large dimension lumber like some have done, I built one big box that steps up in the center. The lower riser is 14" high and the upper is 28" high. The whole thing is 16 feet wide (with support in the center) and 10 feet deep.


3. Build it strong to support the weight of everyone on it, but also build it light if you can. You could just lay 2x6s down and get about a 6.5" riser (before carpet) pretty easy. And like you said, at that height you don't need steps.
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