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I have quite an odd space for my TV/home theater.
It's in a "hole" that's 240cm width and 60cm depth and 380cm high.

This makes it far from ideal for normal speakers, as they are position close to both back and side walls.

Until now, I have lived with it, with decent result, but it look quite cramped.

Therefore I have thought about building my own 3.0 soundbar.

My idea is to build a "soundbar" that essential is just 3 separate speakers mounted together.
I would get the same soundstage, as the speakers would be placed as far aparts as "normal" speakers would.

The idea is to do make it the complete width of the "hole" 240cm and then 20cm high and 30cm depth.
I'm thinking about using a 6" coaxial and a 6" midrange for each "speaker" and a minidsp to make an active crossover for them.

Before I use to much time drawing and designing, I just wanted to hear if it's a crazy idea or if it should be viable?

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3.0 "Soundbar"

I think someone here did that and even had it be powered....

@Al Toid

Here is the build on this forum

Video on YouTube here:

Link to the plans on his site...

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