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I'm temporarily going to be in a small apartment for approximately 4 months. (There's a thread about not understanding how people can listen to TV speakers. I don't even want to listen to the news with TV speakers.) So I'm thinking about adding three speakers - most likely bookshelf sized for the WAF - and a sub for the temporary place. Then, when we get back home, I would add them to the existing 2.0 in-ceiling system to have a 5.1 system.

I have a 2.0 currently with in-ceiling Proficient Audio C640s: http://www.proficientaudio.com/products/whole-house-sound/ceiling-speakers/c640-ceiling-speaker

Proficient Audio advertises the C640s as not requiring a sub because they can get down to 32 db. Indeed, it does seem like there's a sub in there when listening to movies. So I want to be careful about buying an appropriate sub.

My house living room is about 25 x 15 feet. My temp apartment will be much smaller - maybe 18 x 10. A Denon 2112 or better will power the system, which will play music, movies, and TV.

My budget for the 3.1 is up to $750.

Any recommendations, sirs?

Thanks. SBK
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