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My wife and I live in an apartment (see attached floorplan w/ 8ft ceiling). Given the angled walls of the living room and the existing constraints (of furniture/placement - which cannot be changed), we are trying to decide between a 3.1 (LRC + sub) system or a surround bar+sub for our first HT/hi-fi setup. Please go over the floorplan and other details before you respond.

The red rectangle next to the left wall in the Living Room (LR) is our 46" LCD sitting, on a stand (roughly 45" X 17" and 20" tall). And we recently bought a Denon 2309ci AVR, with grand plans of setting up a decent system (60% HT + 40% music). Budget for 3.1 (if going w/ separates) is roughly $2k (

I realized given the distance from the TV to the couch (~12ft), based on recommended spkr placement (if that is something to go by), the fronts (LR) have to be apart 0.75x to 1x of the viewing distance (~9-12ft). This is not doable - the best we can do is about 5ft beyond which we run into placement issues to the left of the TV. So we are wondering if we should just drop the idea of separates - since we may not get great quality sound (soundstage/imaging/echo) after spending so much and instead just get a surround bar + sub for cheaper?

We have been researching (on this forum and elsewhere)/auditioning a number of speakers at specialty A/V stores. We heard - Paradigm, B&W, Totem, Dynaudio (some Mythos) - went between bookshelf vs. floorstanding etc. I'd rather not get into the pros/cons of various speaker makes at this time. We did like some more than the other etc. but more importantly, we are trying to decide between separates vs. surround bar + sub.

We still don't want to give up the idea of separates but have started looking at surround bars. Also, since we already have a decent receiver, buying a surround bar which has switching support & amps seems like a waste.

I hope this is the right place for this Q, if not, please point me to the right forum.

Thanks in advance.
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