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3/7 in ceiling speakers not working

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Moved into condo with pre-wired ceiling speakers
We are 2nd owners/initial owners never inhabited unit - so I don’t have access to installers - Origin Acoustics speakers - speaker wires marked and terminate in basement

I hooked up denon S750h - for music - to power 4 of the speakers

2 of the 4 speakers that I wanted to use do not play music

newbie At audio systems - assume that it’s either speakers or wiring

any tips on easy way to test either woukd be greatly appreciated

thank you in advance for any assistance
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I'm presuming you are using either 'All Channel' stereo or you have assigned the rear surround channels configured to run as zone '2' speakers? Obviously, this is a surround channel AVR, not a stereo amplifier. so that may be the cause of your issue? Unless you are running in 'All Channel' stereo mode or using a zone '2' setup, that would certainly explain why you are not getting sound from 2 of your channels, as your AVR is using the other speakers as surround channels. Plus, if you have set the AVR up correctly, you may need to remove the speakers from the ceiling, to see if they are connected correctly, and there are no loose wires or incorrectly connected wires (as in, L/R cables are connected correctly). I'm sure others will be able to give you some advice as well. Good luck.
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