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This is my first post to this list. I owned the 3.0's many years ago, then moved to the Dunleavy Mark IV towers. The Dunleavy's got fried from a substantial DC leak from my Adcom 585 amp. Replaced them with the Dynaudio Focus 220's. Now I have a Mac MC300 amp, and decided to go back to the maggies after hearing the 3.7's in person. I have two questions for this group, if I may:

1. I ordered the 3.7's in mid-January, just as news of the 3.7i's was making waves. The dealer assured me I would be getting the 3.7i's for no additional cost. My question is how long it typically takes to get them after placing an order? It is now mid-March, and I am eagerly anticipating them. I suspect that Magnepan is busy with the rollout of the 3.7i's, so I'm expecting it will take longer than expected.

2. I was unable to listen to the bass panels when I heard the 3.7s. Does anyone know how much they add to the sound, or if they are worth the investment? Anyone using a non-Magnepan sub with the 3.7's? I was content with the sound of the 3.7's sans subwoofer, so it is likely I will not use one, but was just curious.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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