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3 channel amp for Martin Logan's suggestions.

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I'm looking for new speakers and have run across a set of Martin Logan Aeon's. I would use these with the Cinema center with these as well. If they end up sounded better than the Vandersteen's and Linn's I plan on listening to then I will end up buying a pair. My wife loves these speakers.

Anyway, I would need a 3 channel amp to power the front 3 channels. What amps would you suggest to power a trio of Martin Logan's. What have you heard?

I'm trying to keep the total on the amps below $1500. Any hope here?
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You should look into sunfire grand cinema. Even thought it's a 5 ch amp, I would biamp the Aeon and still have one channel for the Cinema. You can buy a used sunfire 5ch amp on the net for less than 1500. I have gone though SL3, Quest Z, Aerius I, and Scenario with Sunfire, and it does amazing job with the Logans.

I do have an extra ML cinema for sale, it comes with factory stand, so let me know and good luck.
I use a B&K TX4430 3x200 to power my Ascents and Cinema center and am very happy with the results so far, though I have only had the combination up for about 1 week. The amp seems to drive the set-up effortlessly, and the Ascents are rated at 4 ohms. In the used market, this amp should not be more than $1000.

B&K's newer model is called the Reference 3220 I think. Its basically the same amp but 3x220. I am sure there are more improvements that just additional power that I am not aware of, but its design originated from the 4430. I think it lists for $1700 new.
I second roni44's answer. I have the ReQuest's bi-amped with the Sunfire and the Cinema being driven by the extra channel. I think this sounds greatl

Good Luck

Roni -

Are you willing to sell just the stand for the Cinema? If so, please e-mail your asking price. [email protected]
Another possibility is the ATI 1506. It's 6 x 150 watts, but easily bridges to 3 x 450 watts. I think you could find it for $1,500 or less.
Word has it that Martin-Logan has used Classe amps during the design of their speakers, specifically the CA-100 (or CAP-100 integrated) with the Aerius.

Classe makes a couple of 6-channel amps that have specs indicating they can be used as 3-channel, with concomitant power increases.

The CAV-75 is 75 W x 6, or 150 W x 3. List is $1995.
I would suggest a Warmer sounding amp, this would include the Classe', Llano, McCormack, Bel Canto brands of amp.

There is a Llano A-100 on sale on audiogon and I'm using one now on my Martin Logan Odysseys. It has a 100 watt class A output stage, and tube input stage. I've tried B&K, Proceed, and Acurus, before the Llano.

The Llano is my Favorite amp and the Randy White will even upgrade used A-100's to 200 for the difference in retail price :).

I finally managed to recover some siemens 7308's for my amp and now it sound much better.

There is also an amp called the Innersound Eros that may be worth a try.

Most of the amps I've suggested are more from a musical standpoint. If at all possible I would get a nice two channel amp and then but a mono block for the center or a 3 channel amp for the center and rears.

So my suggestion would be get a great two channel amp and then pick-up the B&K, Adcom, Rotel, Acurus, Aragon, Proceed, parasound, cinepro, or one of the other available 3 channel amps.

Put a nice two channel on the Aeons if you enjoy music and you'll be well rewarded.
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We've crossed paths a few times I'm not a Guru like John Kotches, I'm a 23 year old 2 channel only guy.

Thats beside the point!

If you need a deal on Classe or McCormack DNA series let me know!

Even if you wanted the Theta Dreadnaught you might be astounded.

I like to help out familiar guys and if you're looking for the logans I would suggest a REL sub Storm or strata hooked up through the neutric connection to fill out the bass. The Aeon has weak bass. The Ascent and Odyssey are much better.

However the Aeon is beautifull and will take you're music to an all new level. These speakers aren't for bass heads even the Prodigy is limited in it's response. But the clarity and soundstageing are unsurpassed despite what others may claim. The Aeon is the most affordable trully Audiophile speaker out there in my opinion.

You should get at least 5% off but thats it on Logans.

E-mail if you like

[email protected]

I'd love help you as much as I can!

As you can tell the Odysseys astound me and I've never heard better cept the Hales Reference and there 25K a pair when they were still in production.
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I can get the Logans for 10% off local however they are looking to be above my price range.

I need to listen to them anyway and compare.

Thanks for the offer Nathan :)
I have their stereo version in my rig:

·Theta Data Basic II

·Wireworld Starlight III

·Adcom GDA 600

·Nordost Blue Heaven's

·Sonic Frontiers Line I

·Nordost Blue Heaven's (Balanced)

·Sunfire Stereo ver. I (Voltage outputs)

·KimberKable 4TC

·Martin Logan Sequel I's

·Paradigm PW-2200

and the symmetry is outstanding; on top of that, the amp. stays incredibly cool and stable driving
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As a further endorsement, SGHT did a piece on G. Sanders not too long ago, and it just so happens that he has a Grand Cinema (possibly a signature) as part of his system.
That is funny because Theta has an ad that states he uses Theta(it is an ad for the Dreadnaught). I guess those things happen.

I'm not sure of the U.S. price of the Aeons but when I purchased my Ascents just a few months ago, I was able to get upwards of 20% off list. As others have said, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

I am running the Ascents with a Bryston 4B-ST and my center and four surrounds with a Bryston 9B-ST. They are superb. I did try the Ascents with the 9B initially and it was fine. The 4B does a slightly better job and wasn't much more $$ than the 3B. You'll find that Bryston and ML seem to match up quite regularly and mate quite well.

Originally posted by Bhagi Katbamna

That is funny because Theta has an ad that states he uses Theta(it is an ad for the Dreadnaught). I guess those things happen.
During the time of the article he may've had something like Krells driving the Statements, with the Sunfire (shown in one of the pics and listed in the equipment manifest) pulling the surround duties. Since that time I'm sure that there is the greatest possibility of his system being altered, therefore (knowing of Theta's integrity), I'm sure the ad. was/is correct.

BTW, nice adage!

Gayle Sanders has a Theta Casablanca feeding the Statement E2's.

So yes he does have Theta but last I heard he uses a krell FPB to drive the statements. As for the center and rears he may have sunfire there.
For power hungry ML's I always recommend amps that can deliver high current into low impedances.

Of what's been discussed before, I know that Clasee, Cinepro, Krell and the Sunfire can handle this well.

Given your cost constraints, I'd also recommend the used Cinema grand at ~$1,500.

I bi-map my Monolith III's with a Stereo Sunfire (300 wpc) for the woofers, and a pair of channels from a Cinema Grand Sig. (400wpc) for the panels. The other three channels of the CGS drive the rear Sequels and the Logos center.

I also keep another CG on hand for side and ceiling speaker duties.

I've tried a few other amps on them, but nothing handles the demands as well as the Sunfires.

I find more impact by using a really good front end. When I went to a Meridian pre-pro, that really improved things.

Happy shopping...
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Erik the Pres. on Cinepro said his company uses ML speakers to QA their amps. They also used ML speakers as a benchmark for their new DTC-10 pre/proc.

For 2 reasons, they are harder to drive than many speakers and they sound good.

A don't own either. So its just a data point...

Looking pretty hard at the Cinepro equipment for my HT.
Shane, I personally don't care for three ch amps. I would try to buy three stereo amps instead, like Stereophile class B 4800 Adcom amps. They can be bought used for $700 each! 4800s have fans and can be easily stacked. GF.
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