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3-D Boxset with Shutter Glasses at Best Buy

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There is a 3-D boxset for sale at BestBuy. 3 movies and 2 pairs of shutter glasses. Has anyone tried this with a DLP projector, would it even work? I've done a search and didn't see any review here.

Tim Huey
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I don't think so. I believe in order to work, it needs to be seen as an interlaced signal.

What were the movies?

Presumably, you're referring to this ?

There was some talk about shutter glasses a while back. Most of us assumed they wouldn't work with a set that does deinterlacing (i.e. plasma, etc.) but one guy who seemed to know what he was talking about said it would work. Try searching for shutter glasses. ('3D' is too short, I think.)

I actually have the Imax 3D set, but I haven't tried it with my plasma as I was sure it wouldn't work. Maybe I'll try it sometime...
I had the first 3D box set, and I could not get them to work on my TV unless I hooked up my player via composite cables. When I ran it through component and turned the DVD player's progressive off, my TV automatically line doubled so it did not work...and composite was almost unviewable.

I am not sure if it would even be possible on a DLP based system.
This can only be used with a interlaced 480i display or a HTPC and a progressive display.
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