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3 good things/one bad of DirecTV H20-100

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I have had an H20-600 and as everyone writes - they run hot, hot, hot.

Got a new -100 and offer the following:

a. Cool, cool, cool (+)

b. Had RF antenna for better RF operation (+)

c. Like the more subtle blue lighting when on (+)

d. I have the HDMI output connected to a receiver which is then connected to a large TV while the component out is connected directly to our kitchen TV. When the receiver is off or set to play a CD or radio, the receiver knows this and won't output video to either output although it continues to output audio to the kitchen TV through component audio out.

The -600 HDMI output is "stupid" so that it output component signals no matter what. To counter this on the -100, I'm planning to buy an HDMI switch and run both TVs via HDMI - a small price to pay for superior performance.

Anything to avoid the heat of the -600!!
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