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Hi, from the currently available LCDs on the market, is the XBR2/3 the only one with 3 HDMI inputs?

I know that Sharp and couple of other manufactures are coming out with 3 HDMI LCD soon.

My dilemma is that I will have 3 devices with HDMI

Dishnetwork ViP622

up converting Panasonic DVD recorder (720p and 1080i via HDMI)


If I buy a TV with 2 HDMI inputs,

It is a given that I will connect the ps3 via one HDMI

if I connect the Vip or the DMR via component will I lose any picture quality?

Or if the TV converts to 1080 via component, then it will not be a problem?

Let me know..


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No auto switching HDMI switches unless you are willing to spend several hundreds of dollars on one. And I do not know if there is even one then.

I would hook the satallite receiver via component. I doubt if you are getting 1080P signals from the satellite feed. The DVD player may upconvert via component as well, I do not know. But I am sure you are not losing anything video or audio-wise when using the satellite via component cables and a digital optical or coaxial cable.

Another route would be an AV reciever with 3 HDMI inputs, but again you are talking about major bucks. And you would have to switch inputs.

But you could get a 2 in/ 1 out HDMI switch for around $100. Since you have to get up to put in a DVD in the player or a Blu-ray disk in the PS3, using a remote on a HDMI switch would not seem much of a chore. Check out monoprice.com for switches.
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