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I've narrowed my choice down to 3 sets:

Samsung UN46B6000 - Edge lit - $1299

Vizio XVT47SV - Backlit - local dimming - $1349 (gotta pay for the Costco membership)

LG 47LH90 - Backlit, local dimming - $1499

My analysis:

Samsung has "panel roulette" - you can get the excellent one, the good one, or the not so good one. You won't know until you open the box.

LG has HIGH marks, but a distracting thick bezel.

Vizio XVT - People seem to be fond of this set, but leery.

The LG and the Vizio use the same panel, with different technologies driving it.

Opinions are welcomed - would like to pull the trigger on this tonight.

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Not giving us much time, are you? Luckily, this is a simple answer:

So, if you want the best of those three, get the LG.

If you want the prettiest, get the Samsung.

Otherwise, get the Vizio. The Costco membership adds another year onto the warranty.
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