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This is my one-TV/3-room setup. The TV is a Samsung PN50C8000, the mount is a Peerless SUA750PU which I selected specifically for the 7" horizontal offset. The shelves are Omnimount Moda and make for a completely hidden-wire installation. (There's a surge suppressor, Ethernet switch, AC outlet, and double-gang AV plate burried in there.)

Mounting a 50" TV on a 24" bit of wall between windows and rooms is a bit unconventional, but works for me!

Posted this on "speakers" but it's a bit busy there for this to get any attention.

I've attached a diagram and 3 photos showing the "stowed" position, and angled for LR and kitchen viewing. I've also attached an "undercover" picture of the Moda for those who might have an interest. I combined the 2-shelf unit with the 18" drop 1-shelf. Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures - iPhone, backlighting, and almost-completed remodel mess. (Yes, I need some window treatment...)

The TV can swivel to be viewed from living room, dining room, or kitchen. Primary viewing would be from the LR but would like better-than-built-in sound when viewing from other positions.

Willing to spend about $2500 on sound including receiver and speakers.

My original plans were quite different, as I had my office set-up in the dining room, and was planning on a room divider between the LR and DR and a fixed viewing position.

I have some wiring pre-installed. Ceiling near W LR wall (over doorwall and window), N wall, and S LR wall (back of coat closet) are "easy". S LR wall (wall between LR and kitchen) has no wiring and difficult to get to but could work-around with flat cable (carpet not installed yet) or wireless.

I'm thinking "fake 5.1 soundbar" + subwoofer + possibly back and/or height effects speakers. But open to all ideas which is why I'm posting this here.

Seating position is open, as I haven't bought furniture yet. Was thinking of some kind of "pit" or L-shaped arrangement basically in the middle of the LR.

So, what would you do with this? It's clearly a compromise in many ways. I'd like to get the best sound I can on my budget without excessive intrusion from speakers.

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