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3 Ultimates in search of a good home

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Unfortunately, the time has come for me to part ways with my last three Ultimates. Two RCAs and the backup Sony. One of the RCAs lost a tuner a few months ago and pushed me over the edge. The two 80gig Tivo units amount of record time is nice, but the interface is slow and horrible. My wife really dislikes the Tivos but there is no going back. I really do miss v3.7 of the Ultimates for its speed and simplicity. Wish I had the folders back as well. :( Both of the RCAs are at 3.7 and the Sony is at 3.5 and will ship in their original boxes. For those interested, drop me a PM with a fair offer otherwise I'm be putting them up on eBay.

I have to thank UltimateTV for turning me onto AVS and this forum when I was looking into buying my first unit. Most of the members here have been quite helpful and maybe we will cross paths on some of the other forums. I wish you all the best.

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NOOOO!!! :( Are you going to upgrade to HD-Tivo?
HD-Tivo... I wish. My Mits has a built-in HD tuner so I can avoid paying extra money for HD service. For now I can live with locals only in HD. The lack of a NHL hockey season has made this an easy decision for me since I get the Eagles and MNF in HD already. If I did opt for a subscribed HD service, I'd probably go with Comcast to see the Flyers in HD.

I'm looking at my current switch to Tivo as a temporary solution for the next year. Once more true HD content is available, I'll probably go back to cable and pay the extra $20-25/month for digital and their HD PVR. Maybe by then D* with have a more resonably priced IMO HD-PVR. Maybe the skye or moxi box will save the day.

Not to beat a dead horse, but my Tivo boxes are incredibly slow. I do miss the responsiveness of my UTVs. :(

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Have you put the utv up on ebay because i want one you said to pm you i did and you still have not got back to me why?

I sent you a PM last night, but I'll resend it now. Thanks.

Do you still have any of the units available? If so, which one(s) and what are you asking for them?


Bill - Sent you a PM. :)
Okay, I have two left as I sold the 2 tuner RCA. I'm also considering selling the remaining units without the hard drives. Thanks to all who have shown interest.

Please PM me with what your asking for the units.

Just bought 2 for $100.00 inclued shipping but got scammed on one cause only one tuner works on the RCA, the Sony works great and both came with hard drives and three remotes each with a P4 card.
justahobby - sent you a PM
Thanks for getting back to me, but that's more than I would spend on a UTV. I Bought my first one for 29.00 at a BESt BUY Close out. Then found a brand new Sony in a box at Tweeter a year ago for 78.00 out the door.

Thanks for getting back to me..
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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