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3-way crossover for my speaker build

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i need help with choosing the right speakers drivers and 3-way crossover for my speaker build

i have received a floor-standing speakers from Germany as gift but honestly i think the drivers are of cheap type and sound quality is not that much for my Yamaha rx-a3030 ,or maybe its my taste.. but the cabinet is from mdf with real wood on front which sound a very good quality,, what i would like to do is to replace the drivers inside the cabinet with higher quality and wattage .

i don't know from where or how to start to find the right wattage and ohms to fit in those boxes

height is 45" .. 114cm

width is 10" ..25cm

depth is 16" 40cm

I've looked into many guides on how to build speakers but because i already have the cabinets i don't know from where to start or how to pick the right drivers to suit my boxes height and width.

the old speakers consist of

two 8" woofer @4ohm

one 6.5" mid @8ohm

two 1 " tweeters

i want my new drivers to have 400watt RMS or so for both cabinets

any help would be much appreciated

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Originally Posted by Face2  /t/1523624/3-way-crossover-for-my-speaker-build/0_80#post_24511906

None. Read this: http://techtalk.parts-express.com/showthread.php?219617-The-Speaker-Building-Bible

Short, accurate, and to the point.
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None of the above. They won't deal with tweeter or mid resonance Fs, they won't deal with phase, they won't account for impedance and frequency response variation, they won't account for sensitivity, and they won't consider power handling/harmonic distortion within the stop band.

You should consider a cross over design that has accounted for these very important requirements. There are many speaker designs floating around the internet. For a speaker that uses drivers like that, consider these resources:


But better yet, explain what you're trying to achieve for sound, size, cost, etc. and maybe we can offer some more detailed advice.

Good luck.

EDIT - Man that was quick Face. I was typing while you posted that.
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