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Hey guys, I am just posting some random thoughts that I have been thinking about for the past couple of weeks with regards to

building and designing a 3-way speaker using the Seos waveguides. Have any of you guys ever considered what a 3-way Seos

would sound like? I am not even sure if this would be possible. I am not familiar with any current high sensitivity 3-way designs that

would be optimal for use in a home theater type setting, other than the CornScalas, which I may end up building, but I am curious

as to what could be done with the Seos waveguides as far as 3-ways are concerned.

The thing that I am not sure about is which CD tweeter would be ideal and what would be the best waveguide to use on this high

frequency tweeter CD? I am sure that the Seos24 would work great if being used as a dedicated mid-range with something

like a Radian 950PB or possibly the Radian 951PB on the Seos18. Its not that hard to find a good woofer either, something from

the likes of JBL, AE, or B&C would perform nicely.

I am far from being capable of designing speakers, all I am trying to do is spark some good debate on this subject. I have been buying up

all kinds of different speaker building parts for some projects that I plan on starting at the end of the summer. I would love to build a

trio of Seos 3-ways to try out in my theater. I think that between my two friends, both of whom are great at crossover design, could

help come up with a passive and/or active crossover for these. Not too worried about that, plus I have measurement equipment to boot.
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