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3 x XBOX ONE X (AVCLoset or not)

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Guys, finally putting together my Home Theater (15.7' W x 24.3" L) and adjacent closet for AV equipment (3' x 5' room).

We run 3 x Xbox One X to 3 different TVs in the same room (for multiplayer games) and I was wondering if it is worth it to move all 3 Xbox One Xs to the AVCloset?

I'm worried about controller range when playing games. Distance from rack where XBOX One X would be and seating are would be 18' but with a solid core acoustical door in between.

My other alternative would be to keep everyone in the AV Closet but the 3 Xbox Ones and place them in the back on my home theater.

What have you guys done here?
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Try it with one and see if it works.

I personally don't get that kind of range from my controllers. ~10' is good, more than 15 and with barriers and I start to drop out.

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I tried setting up something similar. My HT is 13 w x 20 l. Seating is about 11ft from the screen. Have an adjacent closet along the back wall where I had planned to put all the equipment....so all in all would have been about 10-11 ft from seats to equipment....thru a wall. When I tested I was having intermittent connection issues with the controller so gave up on the idea. I don't think its so much the range but the wall....XBOX One controllers do not do well with obstruction.
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