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300 seat auditorium re-do...LED?

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Looking to completely redo a 7 year old 300 seat auditorium.  The projector we have is hung in the ceiling off a pole requiring scaffolding to do regular maintenance.  Looking to move the projector to the back of the room on a shelf so it can be cleaned, etc.  Looking for long lamp life suggestions for a room that can be made completely dark and has dimming banks for all audience lighting.  Is it too early to move to a LED projector?  Any suggestions?
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Suggest you gather some information and get back to us. Room size? Screen size? Are they viewing computer screens, DVDs, VCR, satellite? Budget? Projecting the length of the room may call for lenses not found on home entertainment products.
Without knowing much, you may be trying to do a commercial type theater on a home theater budget. Not usually a good idea from all the installations I've seen.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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