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3060 & DirectTV Problem

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I upgraded my Replay 2 weeks ago purchasing a 3060. The next night it was upgraded to 3.0. So I'm not sure if my question pertains to the 3060 or to 3.0.

When watching live tv, I channel flip through my DirectTV channels (using the +/- on the remote) my Replay will lock up. It seems to do it when I channel flip at a moderate speed. Switching channels quickly works. But if I press the channel up or down (+/-) after the Replay discription disappears but before the DirectTV discription disappears, it locks up. I have to do a soft reboot to get my Replay back. I can repeat this consistantly. I can not get this to happen with my cable channels, only DirectTV.

Also, it occationally stops changing channels on my DirectTV. Again, a soft reboot fixes it.

I am using the serial cable to control the DirectTV.

Is this a bug or do I have a defective 3060? My old 2003 NEVER did this.

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My 3030 was doing this a while ago about 3 or 4 months ago. However, I have not seen this happen since then. I also am using a DTV rcvr. through serial control.
Just curious Scott. Have you tried a hard reboot? (i.e. unplug for a couple minutes)

I've seen a couple instances here online and personally where a soft reboot wouldn't fix the problem but a hard reboot would.


Wayne Dunham

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