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30ft HMDI High Speed Cable Recommendation needed

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I am doing an in wall installation and I need to run a 30ft HDMI cable that can support 4K resolutions. I've been out of the AV loop for a while and not sure what I might need. I was hoping to not have to use any sort of signal boosters or anything of that nature, just connecting from my receiver to a projector.

Monoprice didn't seem to have what I needed in the length I require for High Speed.

Your recommendations would be helpful. I'm also not looking to pay crazy money for a cable.

Thanks for the help.
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For in-wall installation i would highly recommend using a conduit. We recently remodeled so while the walls were open, I ran conduit down the walls in the "computer room" and in the family room (where the HTS is). The conduit is wide enough to handle multiple cables if need be. I used CAT-6 in the conduit (for a length of about 65') and then connected the ends, via CAT-6 etherent to a gigabit switch in the family room and to the router in the computer room. You can do the same thing using HDBase-T connectors or a 30' Redmere cable because they are active HDMI cables. The only disadvantage of a Redmere cable is that they have a chipset in the Sink end (tv side) that makes them "active" which means that they can fail like any electronic component. FWIW, I haven't had any cable failures. However, with the use of a conduit, it is easy to repair/replace cables if need be. And if you install a pull-string at the same time, you can easily add another cable down the road.
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Thank you for the information but I'm really just looking for one HDMI cable that is 30 foot long that I can run my video to my projector. Any recommendations on a cable that can do this without significant video issues with 4K?
I guess I spoke too soon. The Redmere type cables look like they will do what I need. Thanks.

Originally Posted by sanjoseskater  /t/1517979/30ft-hmdi-high-speed-cable-recommendation-needed#post_24362098

I guess I spoke too soon. The Redmere type cables look like they will do what I need. Thanks.
+1 Dont think theyre meant for in wall though. Be careful.
He could still use CAT-6 in wall and then Redmere to his devices. That's what I do. Actually it's CAT-6 solid core -> CAT-6 ethernet -> switch -> Redmere to devices. The CAT-6 solid core is in-wall, the rest is neatly put away in the media console that the tv sits on.
'I am doing an in wall installation' and 'I'm really just looking for one HDMI cable' - so what's the plan if the cable fails or is damaged, which is not uncommon with long HDMI cables?

Active cables (such as those with RedMere chips) are fine if they play ball with your Sink (Projector in this case) and Source.

Run multiple cables HDMI + CAT6 (as your back up) and as others have said run a conduit if replacing one or other cable would be a logistical pain at a future date.

Joe is right on. If this is a 'behind the drywall' installation that can't be retrofit easily then you are hands down making a horrendous decision if you intend to run nothing more than one HDMI cable and then plan to call it a day.

Read through the posts about all the people having issues. Read the REVIEWS of the Redmere cables and all the people who are having issues with the cable.

Then run the right cabling.

Obviously it is your choice to run or not run whatever cables you want, but if there is an issue, be prepared to rip out the drywall to run that $15 cable later that you should have just run right now.
fwiw, if its a cut and patch install, run two cat-6 cables and buy hdmi baluns. thank us later.

i have a mono redmere 30' in a semi-in wall install that i can pull and replace in 20mins, but if it was a full inwall like my pj, its dual cat6 and baluns, as my pj is.
The very reason why I suggested CAT-6 cable(s) with a conduit and pull-string if it's to be an in-wall installation.
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