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I am currently shopping for the best 32-37" LCD TV I can find. I went to my local stores and asked them to show me their TV's with SD and HD signals. They had the Sharp LC-32D62U side by side with the Samsung LN-T3253H with the Sony KDL-V32XBR2, and I know a lot has to do with how they had the TV's set-up, but I felt the Sharp was oversaturated in color compared to the other two, and was poorer at displaying the SD signal, while the Samsung and Sony were both better than the Sharp and pretty close in picture quality for both SD & HD. My wife and another shopper ageed that the Sharp was too saturated, my wife like the Sony more, but the other shopper like the Samsung more, where I felt they were equal.

Since the salesman could not find the remote for the Sharp, it was hard to determine if the oversaturation was purely set-up related. So, I will need to do more shopping to find the same comparison, but have remotes available to see if the Sharp can be corrected to be as good as the other two. If I can tweak all 3 TV's to compare them with what I see as optimal set-ups then I can determine if the only difference is price a features. I would like the Sharp to look as nice as the other two since it has 1080p.

What have you others found when shopping for either a 32 or 37" LCD. What was your favorite? Why?
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