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32-40" Second tier LCD TV

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Need a TV smaller than a 42" plasma for upstairs TV room, mostly digital cable and movies (not BluRay initially) sources, but at least 32".

Viewing distance 7-8'.

Any recommendations for a budget of about $500?

(ie Sony,Panasonic,Samsung,LG if possible)

Are any of the "second tier" TVs worth considering?

Toshiba RCA Sylvania Nexus

Hitachi Proscan Sharp Element

JVC Westinghouse Insignia Dynex

Vizio Haier Emerson Broksonic

Viore Curtis Viore Curtis

RCA Hanspree

Been burned by a former TV "assembly" company.
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I'm a big fan of the Vizio's 32 inch, solid bang for your buck PQ to $ with very hookups and specs.
Toshiba is certainly not a 2nd tier company. I would put Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, LG, Sharp (although I'm not a big fan) and Panasonic at the top.

Although I'm not very familiar with Vizio, most folks seem to put it solidly in the 2nd tier and possibly at the very top of the 2nd tier. Another 2nd tier that might be worth a look is JVC. I've seen some of them at local stores and they look pretty good.

I would also place Mitsubischi and Hitachi in the 2nd tier, but due to their cost, I can't recommend them. All of the others you have listed belong in the bottom of the barrel and, in my humble opinion, should remain there unless you are truly desperate.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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