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So we all know figuring out who makes the panels for the larger size TV's is all the rage, but who are the manufacturers for smaller sizes? I had always assumed that Sharp made all of their own panels, but who makes them for Samsung, Toshiba, Sony, etc. at 32" and 37"? Chi Mei, AUO?

Just curious. Thanks.

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I haven't found any comprehensive info on who makes LCD panel displays for various brands/models. But a few weeks ago I found a web page that lists makers of plasma display screens. I copied that info into Notepad, but unfortunately didn't kleep track of the website's URL.



NEC - Nec is a OEM manufacturer and is now owned by Pioneer. Although owned by Pioneer they still operate under a separate label. NEC has commercial units and home units. They also supply screens to Marantz Runco and several other companies. NEC sold their plasma factory to Pioneer and now buys their panels from Pioneer and installs their own electronics.

Panasonic - Makes the complete units, Supplies Toshiba, JVC, Fujitsu and more

Pioneer Plasma - Pioneer owns NEC and has switched production to the NEC lines. The new 50 inch and the 42 inch units are all NEC glass. To tell if a 50 inch is Pioneer or NEC, check the resolution, If 1280 it is Pioneer , If 1365 it is NEC . 42 inch Pioneer Plasma TV is NEC . 43 inch Plasma TV is Pioneer Glass

Fujitsu Plasma - Only makes their own 42 inch in partnership with Hitachi . 50 and 61 inch Fujitsu Plasmas are Panasonic and NEC but the 42 inch are their own. Note Hitachi plasma screens are identical to Fujitsu and cost thousands less, 55 Inch Fujitsu is same as Hitachi,

Sony Plasma TV - Makes their own boards and chips but uses Fujitsu/ Hitachi plasma screen glass for 42 inch, 50 inch is NEC, 42inch EDTV is NEC

Hitachi - Owns 50% of plasma screen factory with Fujitsu. Makes own internal components. 42 Alis screens are Hitachi as is the New 55, 50 inch are Pioneer and 42 EDTV is a NEC screen

Philips - Uses Fujitsu/ Hitachi glass screen and most internal components as well. However, Philips makes its own bezel with built in speakers.

LG / Zenith - Make their own glass in Korea

Samsung - Makes its own components in Korea



RCA/ Thompson - Partners with NEC to OEM its product. Just a NEC with a new bezel.

JVC - 50 inch is Panasonic, 42 is NEC

Toshiba - OEM from Panasonic.

Sharp - OEM product through Pioneer for 50" and 42 though they may make some internal component changes.

Runco - OEM 50" from Pioneer and 42" from NEC,

Marantz - OEM plasma monitor from NEC. It is our understanding its just a sticker job

Studio Experience use a Samsung panel but custom electronics

Viewsonic - OEM 50" plasma screen from Pioneer ( old 502 ).

Sampo - 42v3 is old Fujitsu, 42v6 is Samsung Plasma,

Gateway: Units are rebranded Sampo

Norcent Units may be rebranded Sampo

Maxent is Sampo, There seems to be a rumor spreading around that maxents are actually Panasonic panels. These seems extremely unlikely as Panasonic cannot keep up with there own requirement. We suspect that maxents are actually LG glass with their own electronics.
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