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32" Aquos - Wierd scanning lines on bottom of screen in zoom mode.

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When I'm watching a television show that is in theatrical widescreen mode wiht the bars on the top and bottom, I put the TV in zoom mode to put it so it shows up in widescreen for my tv. The thing is every once in a while the bottom part of the screen kind of gets stacked with lines from the picture, and slowly corrects itself going downwards. Kind of like when you load a progressive picture and it improves line by line as it loads. Is there a way to get rid of that for widescreen shows?
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Are you using component or DVI/HDMI digital connections?

It sounds like something is happening to the sync signals, either source, transmission, or receiver.

Try to isolate the problem using different player and shorter cables.
actually regular RCA coaxial. This is over the television, I don't have HDTV yet.
Are you saying you are using the internal NTSC tuner, or are you using a STB from your cable/satellite company? I don't use Zoom too often on the Sharp Aquos, but when I did use it, I didn't notice what you are seeing. Most of the time with 480i stuff I use Smart Stretch mode.
I'm just using my regular cable box and my tv. But when there's a show like alias or a movie that is letterboxed for 4:3 tvs, zoom mode is suggested, but it has those lines every once in a while.
Does it happen when you use the internal NTSC tuner? Just connect the coax antennae from the wall to the antenna input on the back.

Does it only happen in Zoom mode? How about S.Stretch, Side Bar, and Stretch modes?

Any chance your STB is the culprit?
I don't know what either of those mean but I have comcast digital cable so I kind of need the box. don't know what STB is. Set-top-box?

It only happens in zoom. Stretch is fine since I play my games and watch movies in it when they are wide screen. Sidebars are fine, I don't use S.Stretch because it kind of sucks with the OOOOVERScanning. I only use Zoom when watching a TV show or movie that has theatrical widescreen for 4:3, and it get's rid of the top bars.
Yes, I understand all that. Basically you need to isolate whether it is the cable box or the display. If it is the display you should try to isolate whether it happens only for external input or whether it happens on internal tuner also.

Even if you have Comcast digital, your cable from the wall still carries analog cable (unless you are in a couple of test areas around the country which got rid of analog completely) If you plug in the coax from the wal to the antenna input you should be able to setup analog cable and test whether this happens on the internal tuner.

The reason I'm suggesting you go through all this trouble is because as far as I know, nobody has ever reported anything like you describe. It is just not a common type of failure. It is very strange it would only happen in zoom mode and not the others. I don't even know if it is the TV or something else because there is no past history to go on. Therefore I think it justifies the extra investigation to narrow down the problem.
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well I guess it's the box since it doesn't do it on any other source, but the only source I use zoom mode is with the tv. I have no need to use it for anything else since i have one device that outputs 720p, and hte dvds that are 480p I either use stretch or sidebar. As I said before hte scanning lines do correct themselves, and it only happens on the bottmo portion of the screen.
I'm experienceing the same exact problem. It happens when watching A DVD(input 2) and while watching TV via my HD Comcast box(HDMI). It only happens when using the zoom mode.

Did you every figure it out? I have returned one TV and same probelm with the second. Is it a design issue or do I have bad luck?
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