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32 LCD Comparison - Sony v. Sharp v. Samsung

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I'm considering 3 LDC TVs for Bedroom use. This will consist of some SD watching, lots of DVDs, some HDTV watching, and some video gaming. Firstly, my decision to use LCD instead of Plasma is basically because I prefer to watch 4:3 images in native 4:3 format and don't want to deal with burn in issues.

Price, of these TVs anyways, is not an issue as they are all similarly priced online.

I would like to mount the TV to the wall and am perplexed that my favorite, the Sony, appears to not allow this?! Can anybody please confirm? This might be a deal killer for me.

The three units are (in current order of preference:

Sony KLV-32M1

Pros: Sleek Look for WAF, heard it has best picture (haven't seen it yet), HDMI

Cons: Only 1 component input. No PC input. Not wall mountable?!

Samsung LT-P326W

Pros: Wife loved the image, as did I at BB. HDMI, 2 component, 1 PC input.

Cons: Worse pic than Sony? Not as many connections than sharp?

Sharp LC-32G4U

Pros: Tons of inputs on the easy to deal with system AV box.

Cons: Image looked subpar in two stores compared to Sammy. Wife doesn't like how TV looks.

(I don't see why I'd want the new sharp because it's pricier seemingly only because of the HD tuner)

If anyone has information on any of the above TVs please let me know.

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fwiw circuit city lists the sony wall mount as "optional" which implies that it's possible to do.
I would the rate the Sharp 32G picture as superior to the Samsung LTP32. period.

When comparing image quality between sets, you have to take into account the source: mostly bright picture sources from the store demo feed, DVD, DVD of movies with dark scenes, satellite feed with true HD source? The feed with dark scenes is the better test. On top of that, you have a signal split umpteen ways into the TVs, some will get a better signal than others. I would go to several stores at a minimum to compare picture quality.

I have seen the lower cost Sony KLV-32M1 at a Tweeters. CC carries the more expensive KDL-32XBR950 along with the 32" Panasonic TC-32LX20 LCD TV. The Panasonic, while lacking an ATSC tuner, has a picture just about as good as the more expensive Sony.
Nothing I have seen compares to the KDL - beautiful set ! If price is not a consideration - get it.
so confused.

just got back from tweeter to see the TVs. every single LCD tv looked horrendous there.

Have to stop at CC on the way home to see if they have the Sony hooked up.
I feel your pain :( I'm having similar frustrations trying to see the sets I'm contemplating buying.

Where are you planning on buying your set ultimately? If it's at a place like Bestbuy or CC I'd say just pull the trigger and take it home, then see what you think of it in realistic conditions.
I've definitely been thinking of buying it online as I see far better prices there. I would like to see the display running at least one HD setup before making the plunge though!
Yeah, don't blame ya. Good luck!

And hey, at least it's an LCD, so it'll weigh a lot less if you need to mail it back ;)
man oh man i tell ya. i've been waiting and deliberating about this purchase for YEARS. i'm literally finally ready to pull the trigger and place the order. just got a nice bonus at work and its definitley burning a hole in my pocket.

I'd been agonizing between the Sharp 32GD6U and the Sony--I finally ordered the Sharp from VA, and then they called me 2 days later and said they couldn't get it (something about Sharp restricting online sales to certain models). A local B&M had the Sony next to Sony's now-discontinued 32" plasma, and the Sony LCD looked MUCH better. Unfortunately, they didn't have the Sharp for side-by-side comparison. Anyway, I bought the Sony, and am waiting for delivery. Will update when installed.
thanks jasonvi - i'd really like to hear your impressions about the sony.

The biggest thing I've got going against the sharp is that wifey saw it in the two stores and basically ruled it out for having a poor picture. can't say i blame her because compared to the samsung it did appear to be lacking...

i'm from boston so anywhere in the city or metronorth burbs (all the way to where I work near NH) is a great place for me to view the sets.
yaknow what i just saw the Sony at CC. Looked great, passed the wife test, will look wonderful in our bedroom. I'm definitely thinking that's the one I want.

OK Now to find a place to buy it. Hope to have it on order before Monday!

sorry i'm not sure what you mean. are you suggesting that i've got alternate options to watch 4:3 without stretch mode? I guess I just don't like to see stretched pictures, and whenever i see stretched pics on my buddy's new tv's i alwasy notice it but never say anything. my wife wonders why the picutre looks "strange" and i try to tell her but she just doesn't care/understand.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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