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So, I have had my system streaming since the day I hooked it up with no issues. Just recently, I am having streaming issues with PS3 Media server to my Denon when streaming music. I am using a Mac with 10.6.8 OSX and a completely hardwired system. The system will play music flawlessly if I save music to a hard drive and plug in directly, but when streaming, there is quite a bit of skipping and stuttering. It never used to do this. Here are some specifics:

Denon plugged in directly to Apple airport extreme with the most up-to-date firmware

Apple airport plugged in directly to Mac with music stored on it

All devices are static in the system

All network cables packet tested to gigabit speeds (by me with a certified packet tester)

Denon running newest firmware

I am also having issues with Airplay in the same timeframe. It now starts up, and then abruptly stops music playback. I cannot start again without selecting another airplay device and then going back to denon, with the same results.

Any help would be appreciated.
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