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34 inch HDTV CRT

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Hi all,

I was just wondering, what are the 34 inch HDTVs available and in what order would you place them in? I know of the following which are below:

Sony KV-34XBR910

Panasonic CT-34WX53

Toshiba 34HFX83

Philips 34PW9818 or 34PW8520

These seems to be the only 34 inch HDTVs I found via the web.... Now, any thoughts on these models? Or were there models that I missed?

Thanks a lot for the help

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Those are the major ones, there used to be some el-cheapo Chinese models like Sampo or Daewoo - but I haven't seen those around for about a year. There are also other 34" HDTV models from Sony - the cheaper 34XBR800 and 34HS510, and a cheaper Toshiba model 34HF83.

I'd put them in this order (highest quality first): Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic, Philips - though you might swap the last two.

From a cost standpoint, the Toshiba is the best value since their pricing is as cheap or cheaper then the lower quality Panasonic or Philips while not quite as a high quality as the Sonys its very close and Toshiba has a few features the Sonys lack. But the brand new super-fine-pitch 34XBR910 is the highest resolution HDTV CRT display available right now.
Thanks for the feedback.

I know the differences between the Sonys high end and low end tvs. I was wondering, what's the difference in the Toshibas? what kind of features does the Toshiba have that the Sony's do not?

The Toshiba saves settings separately for each video input and allows video input selection in 2 key presses. The Sonys in contrast require you to cycle thru all video inputs to get to the one you want. The Toshiba method makes it a lot easier to program universal remotes to get direct video input selection, its just a convience issue.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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