CES is the world's largest trade show, and two of the biggest booths at the show belong to Samsung and Sony. At this year's event, I used a Samsung Gear 360 camera ( $168 on Amazon ) along with a Zhiyun Crane V2 gimbal stabilizer ( $400 on Amazon ) to create walk-through 360-degree video of the two booths.

In these videos you'll see how the latest technology is presented to industry and the press at CES. The booths are so large that they each contain multiple glass-enclosed rooms and feature all sorts of eye-catching demos.

These 360-degree videos allow you to freely change the perspective as they play, so you can see exactly how immense the CES booths these two companies put together really are.

These videos are overviews of entire booths, not just the AV products each company produces. Sony had cameras and AIBO and a 10,000-nit super-TV among other things. Meanwhile Samsung had The Wall, a 146-inch direct-emitting LED screen, as well as a room dedicated to showing off AI and voice command with its virtual assistant, Bixby.

One highlight of the Samsung booth video is the futuristic room equipped with voice recognition technology. That segment begins at 2:15.


In the Sony booth video, watch out for AIBO the robotic dog, starting at the 5-minute mark.