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36XS955 -vs- 36HL44

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I've found the 36XS955 and the 36HL44 from a reputable authorized online dealer for less than I can buy it locally (even with shipping). The Panasonic is a little more than $300 less.

I've only been able to compare the 36XS955 and the 36HL43 at a local best buy. Having read the thread about Best Buy's video grid I now realize they were probably both hooked up to coaxial. What I saw in person was a much better image on the HL43. Is this a reflection on the Panasonic's ability to hande bad source? Or is it just as likely the Sony was poorly calibrated and/or had a crummy coaxial connection? From what I've read it should be all but impossible for the Sony to have a worse picture unless the source is bad.

I swore I would go bigger and lighter after my 32" Sony Wega (which I've been pleased with) but all the newer technology that I've researched seems to have significant drawbacks and the price/performance just isn't there with 1080p on the horizon. I considered both the 52 D-ILA (scary problems...) and the Panasonic 50inch DLP (can't find it to demo :( ).

If anyone has any input on either of these CRT's or even anything else I should consider I'm all ears. I realize this being the CRT forum I'm not likely to find many rear projection fans :D
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I am the current owner of a Sony 36XS955. It replaced a Panasonic CT32HXC43, which is the same as the current CT32HXC14 minus the DVI input.

The Sony is WORLDS better than my Panasonic, which was only 18 months old. Even though it's a bigger TV, you see fewer artifacts.

The Panasonic had trouble with dark scenes, which it simply displayed as all-black. The Sony handled these scenes much better. The Panasonic also tended to over-emphasize the reds, despite my fiddling with the controls. Scenes with large swatches of red will cause an "overbleed" situation.
I ran into the same thing when shopping. The Panasonic looked good on the store's satellite source. Really good.

For me, the Sonys' extra $300 paid for the built-in ota hd tuner, free $279 matching stand, and of course, Sonys near legendary status in the tube world.

The Panasonic seemed like a very good alternative for less $$.
I'd still love to go bigger, but I can't argue with such a beautiful picture (without the headaches). Now I just need to figure out how to pay for it!

Thanks for the advice so far.

I went from an rptv to the sony 36" tube. Yes. I'm a little sorry it's not as big, but the picture clarity of a tube makes up for that.
Yeah, and to be honest..the $$ savings right now make sense. I didn't want to get a "decent" RPTV in the same price range so it would cost much more to move up...and then you're still not ensuring reliable performance.

Not that every CRT is perfect I guess...but it's more stable technology.

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