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Hello all! Actually i have 5 questions;

1st: i am looking for a lcd to connect to my pc and use as a monitor and also watch dvds mostly. from the specs, 37ex400 and panasonic seemed ok. do you have any ideas which would be a better choice or can you recommend another tv which you think will be suitable. pls post your thoughts, they all would be helpful to me.

my distance will be about 2 meters and there wont be much light in the room.

2nd will there be a difference of quality between pc and dvd players which are advertised as 1080 upscaling?

3rd the panel of panasonic is called ips whats sony's panel? is there any pros cons to that?

4rd the ex400 sony has BE2 instead of BE3, however BE3 can be found on V series but V series has lower constrast of 60k instead of 100k of ex400, which one would be better?

panasonic has 100hz whereas ex400 has 50, would that be any difference if i only watch dvds and browse the web, the salesman i saw today told me hz is only noticeable with high quality videos like blu-ray, what do you say?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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