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$3900 What should I get?

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For 4-5 years I have been watching a Sharp XV-H37U. This was destroyed in a recent fire at my house and I want to replace it with the best thing I can get. I have about $3900.00 to spend and am considering a Sharp 7000. Has anyone seen this model in action? I will be keeping my 100" diag. 4:3 screen and hope to use my current throw distance of 18'. I want HDTV capability and possible a 16:9 based projector using the center part of my current screen and Zoom out for full screen 4:3. I will probably get a progressive scan DVD player to replace my current JVC DVD player. 80% of the time this will be used for DVD's and 20% maybe more for off the air HDTV when i get a receiver.

Any Sugestions?


Micheal F.
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Sony W10HT and Sanyo PLV60 can be had for $4500-$4700 and they are native 16:9 LCD projectors with good reviews (check www.thebigpicturedvd.com/bigequipment.shtml for reviews). You can also go for the Infocus LP530 which is a 4:3 XGA DLP with 2000 lumens. The Sanyo LCDs like the XW20 or XP18N may also be close in your price range.
Yes, I have seen the sharp 7000 and I don't know if it was poorly set-up but it was the worst FP I have seen and they wanted full retail of 5000 for it at a local hi-end audio/video retailer.

They also had the sony 11ht, yamaha d-1something and the sharp 9000. These were all great units.

I agree with Huey, check out his suggestions. Also look at the NEC VT540.

Good luck
We have some good deals right now on projectors. Feel free to drop me an email to discuss your needs!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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