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Hello All -

I am using XBMC with Windows 8. I recently got a 3D Passive Sony TV and bought a few 3D blurays.

My Problem: I can't produce a correct Aspect Ratio when converting my 3D BluRay to SBS Full .MKV or OU (over/under) Full .MKV using DVDFab. Doing it in OU the display looks 4:3 and doing it with SBS is too skinny with too much black bars on the top and bottom. The 3D bluray is 2:35:1. Shouldn't the aspect ratio of a 3D bluray SBS or OU MKV be the same as a standard bluray MKV? Should I select the Half(50%) option for SBS or OU?

I've tried various settings in DVDFab (new version) with the aspect ratio, cropping and none of the settings get it right. Is there another program I should use?

I rented Toy Story 3 3D last night from my cable provider and the aspect ration was spot on.

Please help!
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