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3D Demonstration Disc - Would you be interested?

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With all this talk about 3D dying, would yo be interested on a BD 3D Demonstration disc?

Keep in mind that we can not sell these type of discs, so it would have to be download or a friend to burn it for you.

Then the next consideration would be size. I think there is enough good content to do a 50GB disc, which would give us around 3 hours of demo material. Is this too much? Would a 25GB disc be a better fit for 3D?

Let me know how and what you think?
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I made a short one a year or so ago for myself, I had to convert to SBS, still have it on my server ...

Originally Posted by dfergie  /t/1517278/3d-demonstration-disc-would-yo-be-interested#post_24373239

I made a short one a year or so ago for myself, I had to convert to SBS, still have it on my server ...

How many clips did you have, does the disc have a menu? I would be interested in taking a look.

My plan is to create a main menu page where the background is 3D and the menu headings, which in this case would be icons, would also be 3D and floating forward. Then of course you select the clip.

3D requires some extra work for the demuxing and authoring, so I wanted to check if people would be interested.
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I used MultiAVC to create (with that menu)would have to check on clips as I never burned to disc, used for media players instead.

Off the top of my head:

Hubble 3D: Soyuz & Shuttle launches

Tangled: Dam busting

Tron: Cycles

Tron: Disc Battles

Drive Angry: Shotgun Blast

Pirahna 3D: Marina

John Carter: Trailer

John Carter: fight on airships


Resident Evil Afterlife: Battle on Rooftop & Opening Battle at Umbrella

I have more, but not able to access as not home.
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I would be very interested in this even at the 50GB download size.

The way I have it planned out, as of now., is 25GB. Although it might change to a full 50GB.

Short list:

- Avatar

- Titanic

- Life of Pi

- Monsters University

- Man of Steel

- Pacific Rim

- OZ

- John Carter

- Upsidedown

- Despicable Me 2

- The Lorax

- Prometheus

- Hugo

- Gravity
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Doh, forgot Avatar, along with Despicable Me, had several clips ...

Nice list above, can't wait for Gravity & Thor II next week, I'd have to add a little Captain America, Avengers & maybe Spidey to that...
This would be cool. Making 3d clips of some of the best moments in movies.
Play list from an old 20.3 gig demo ...


A Christmas Carol Trailer;00:02:35;

Brave and Planes Trailers;00:02:19;

John Carter of Mars Trailer;00:03:21;

Open Season;00:04:59;

Despicable Me Open;01:34:48;

Up open;00:04:59;


SI Irena;00:01:59;


The Lion King;00:01:40

IMAX Space Station;00:01:59;


RE Umbrella;00:08:59;


Up Dug;00:04:59;

Transformers 3 Moon;00:04:59

RE Landing;00:05:59;

Imax Space Station 2;00:00:

Despicable Me;00:03:59;

SI Beach;00:00:59;

RE Off the roof;00:03:59

IMAX Discovery Launch;00:04:59

Despicable Me Minions;00:01:58

DTS Animated Logo

UP floating;00:02:03

POTC4 Mermaids;00:07:59;

Transformers3 Launch;00:03:59
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I'd be up for it. No 3d demo disc is complete however without the potato cod scene in under the sea and the sniper scene and rainfall scene in resident evil afterlife.
Unfortunately I'm limited to the titles I own or that I can get, unless some of you would like to help to gather clips... Then we'll be up for a COMPLETE 3D Demo Disc!!!
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Until you start to hit 90 minutes of 3D content you shouldn't need to worry about exceeding your 25Gb limit.

Probably setting up your menu with Power Director would be the easiest since your design menu seems to match that software capabilities.

Since you won't be displaying the file you extract, you could use Top Bottom Full frame for your 3D extraction clip and not lose any resolution. Not sure what pirating software you will use and don't care to discuss that. But you will need to output a standard format. Also, you will need to MUX your audio in Power Director. Normally this is not too difficult to sync up. I've done similar with MP4 TB Full and 5.1 WAV audio. Up to 25 clips in a Power Director 3D editor with Blu ray menu driven.
Don, you are assuming too much, and I think we are old enough to know how the saying goes.

I've done several 2D demo discs before, and since I recently started enjoying 3D I though I would take a look at exploring on making a 3D demo disc. None of the discs I've made and I've helped make are for sale or will ever be for sale, but they can be downloaded and enjoyed by everyone, and that would be the same if a 3D discs happens.

The goal on these discs is to have the content untouched, high definition audio and video, just as it is on the original disc, there are just a hand full of very specialized software that can accomplish this. Plus none of the so called demo discs that have 3D content are truly 3D. My goal would be to render the menus 3D also, giving the user a 3D experience from the very start of the disc.

I'll be authoring a 3D full standard MVD file format compliant disc with full DTS-HD or Dolby TrueHD lossless audio 5.1 to 7.1, popup menus with a 3D main menu.

Now... would you be interested.
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I've been interested in doing one of these for my own use, I think it would be great. What are you using for file capture and editing, though? So far I haven't been able to find anything that captures the stereo frames (makemkv captures 2d from 3d discs) - and also on the editing side, I'm wondering what file type would be best as .mkv files don't play well with editing systems like Final Cut or Adobe Premiere Pro.
I think this is a fantastic idea. It would save me a lot of time swapping disks and waiting for things to load when all I really want to do is show off my new toy.

PM sent.
A short explanation of the attempted demo disc.

The idea is to have the exact same type of file on the demo disc as it exist on the original disc, other that is cut to a clip. The files would exist on their standard 3D MVD format, that contains a full left eye file, a processed right eye file and an lossless audio track. The clips from the different movies are individually created. There is no editing or additional processing of the files, these are just cut.

For what I know, there are just a few players that would play these type of files from an external source -- OPPO and Dune. There might be others, but the disc as a disc burn to media will play in any BD-3D player.
Dear god I want this. Would help but I'd just get in the way.
By voicing your interest you are already helping.
I'm interested in a 3D Demo disc.
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