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I have a Samsung HL-T5676 DLP with DLP Link glasses and ATI 4850. I've heard this works great for many, but to my dismay I cannot get 3D with Iz3D Drivers to work if is over 1280x1024. Until then it seems to work fine (although it does not stretch to fill the screen), but any higher and 3d simply fails. If I put something in a window (@ native res 1280x1024 or lower), like the iz3d diagnostic test, and then stretch the window it loses 3D and if I stretch it enough it looks like the 'checkerboard' effect creates gaps in the picture. This is the way it looks in Fullscreen 1920x1080, a jagged picture full of pixel gaps where the 3D separation should be.

Vista 64 SP2. I was using Catalyst Drivers 10.1 , and have completely uninstalled (with a driver remover) and installed 10.2 and 10.3 beta but it didn't change a thing.

Could this be a hardware issue with my samsung? I have no other drivers but iz3d to test with so I can't rule it out entirely. My first assumption is a driver conflict. How else can I test this? I'm very new to 3D, so I'm sure there is more than one way to skin a cat.

Any advice is welcome. I'm so bummed. Thank you.
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