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3D Glasses image rate - SSG-3100GB

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My son gets headaches from flashing images that are

I'm looking into getting the Samsung D8000 series TV, but I can't get the image rate on the 3D glasses, like the SSG-3100GB. Anyone know how long each image is displayed in each eye (US version) ??

Another related question: when you turn the 3D on, does that mean you get half the motion extrapolation, effectivelly eliminating or reducing it, or does your brain fill in during the blanking period???

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I believe (??) they are 60Hz per eye like all active shutter glasses. They use Bluetooth as a comm.

AFAIK, Samsung LCD 3DTVs continue to use Black Frame Insertion. The images start out as 240HZ then with the BFI are displayed at 120HZ - 60HZ per eye. BFI is used to assist in reducing crosstalk due to LCD TV's technology - capture, hold and release which has a very slow image refresh rate as compared to Plasma or DLP
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