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I'm new to AVS and 3D projectors. Just ordered and anticipate the arrival of my 1st home projector -the Epson EH TW8000 anytime next week. This unit is coming only with a pair of the bulky Epson Active 3D Shutter Glasses... unfortunately, they are not only bulky but they are also to pricey for my taste. With a family of 6 that expect family and friends to come and watch games and movies, I will definitely need more glasses than what has been provided. I am therefore in search for alternative glasses and thought to share whatever I find or experience in this quest.

I posted a few inquiries in other threads but thought it best not to be a nuisance in the projector owners' thread and just have a completely separate discussion on 3D glasses -which I think may be useful with the direction of industry towards 3D capability.

I came upon this thread and I hope that Epson would hopefully join this initiative of these 4 big companies.


While waiting for the above initiative to actually happen, I hope anyone can share actual experience on 3D compatibility to help/assist our members find alternative units to what they have.
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