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3D Newbie in Need of Some Help

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I apologize in advance to my ignorance of this technology.


I have an Acer H5360 ( found here ) and a Sony BDPS5100 ( found here ).  I am not familiar with what 3D glasses would be compatible with this setup nor would I know where to start in finding a nice set of glasses for the best pricing.  Other than an HDMI cable to connect the Blu Ray Player to the Projector, would any additional hardware be needed?  I appreciate your help. Thank you!
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Forget the 3D glasses for a minute - you have bigger problems. I don't want to give you the bad news so I'll let someone else do it for me:

Nutshell - your Projector is only 3D ready, not full 3D. So, you need to hook it to a PC or you'll need to put an adapter between the Blu-ray player and the projector to get 3D working. The adapters are hard to find now.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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