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3D on curved OLED displays

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After seeing the passive 3D on the LG 84UB9800, it was the first time my family or I had any interest in 3D. The 3D on the huge flat LED monitor was very impressive, and that begs the question of how good the experience is on the curved sets. Haven't had the opportunity to check out the OLEDs with this yet, so figured I would ask the forum about their opinions on this. In the new theater room, we'll be viewing from 10-12 feet. There's a 19" difference between the LED and the 65" OLED, certainly another factor to consider. (The 77" OLED is simply out of the financial question for now)



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Only good things to be said about the 3D on the older 1080p Curved models. Best 3d ever is the impression I get from everyone.


4k sets you are talking about buying will have full resolution passive 3d, so even better.
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