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Hi, sorry if this has already been addressed. I searched and searched and couldn't find anything.

I have a question about the compatibility between the 3D Blu-ray players and the 3D TV's. I didn't even think to consider this before because it seemed obvious that any Blu-ray player will work with any HDTV, as has always been the case, but I was just at a local Best Buy checking out the Samsung 3D demo (which I think was completely awesome, by the way), and I overheard one employee talking to another saying that only Samsung players would work in 3D mode with Samsung TV's, Panasonic players with Panny TV's, and so on.

If this is true, it seems absurd to me. I know the glasses are only compatible with the specific brands of TV's, that's been established, and it's completely understandable to me.

The reason I worry about this is because I was set on picking up the Panny BDT350 soon to get a head start in the way of 3D. I need that player because of the dual-HDMI outputs and I really don't want to get a new receiver. But if I get that player, does that limit me to only being able to get a Panny 3D TV too? I want to wait a little and get a projector because that's what I use now for 2D, and I am not keen on downgrading TV size for 3D and I'm pretty sure Panasonic won't be releasing a 3D projector.

Any answers would be great. Thanks.
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