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Hi everyone! This is my first topic, that I've started here.

I have processor i3-3220 with intel graphics hd 2500 (intel intru 3d included).
Right now i want to buy 3D monitor and i don't want to buy 3D TV or projector. Main goals are: watch 3D BD, movies and photos (without gaming).

I am considering to buy Samsung S27A750D (NVidia 3D Vision will not work with Intel Graphics) or some other monitor with passive glasses.

I've read a lot of information about 3D in general and Intru 3D in particular.
But i have a few questions about this.

As i understand i'm able to organize 3D playback using HDMI v1.4. This is the most popular variant I've met in web.
Besides that it's recommended in Intel's technical description.
An HDMI-to-HDMI or a Display Port-to-HDMI connection to the TV.

A connection to a stereoscopic 3D TV that supports HDMI 1.4.
But in this variant i'll only get Frame Packing mode [email protected] Hz via HDMI cable.

Or i will be allowed to watch 3D content using Side by Side method.

So the questions are:

1. Is it possible to organize Frame Sequential 3D mode using Display Port cable and to achieve full hd [email protected] Hz ?? Because i haven't met any information about it at all.

2. If yes and i will buy DP cable - do you know something about not displaying bios menu while cumputer connected via DP cable is booting? How it can be overcomed?

3. If not - i will face the choice: make up mind to lose some piece of quality using S27A750D or buy any other monitor with passive glasses and lose quality too because of using Row Interleaved method in that monitor. What do you think the mose compromise variant in this case??

4. If i will have to buy monitor with passive glasses - do you know some of them that comes with two or more glasses?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

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If you don't game, [email protected] is sufficeint and the best.
You can do SbS if the monitor supports it.

1. No, not possible. Not needed either, unless you want frame interpolation on the PC for video or high frame rate 3D video playback.
2. Not applicable.
3. The Samsung seems to be an active 3D display, you will not lose any quality with it. Not sure about glasses availability.
4. Glasses for the passive monitors are very common - I use the ones they give away in the Real 3D cinemas.

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Are you sure that Intru 3D technology can't transfer frames at 120 Hz to the monitor using Display Port in order to achieve 3D Frame sequential?

Or there are some technical reasons for that??
No, I am not. I don't know what "Intru 3D technology" is, and I am not fully familiar with the capabilities of (current?) Intel hardware and DisplayPort. However, I do know that the 3D gaming community would kill for a non-3D vision [email protected] 3D solution, and I read that they have settled on SbS at 60Hz as the best possible. Based on that, I concluded that it was not possible with current hardware (that is, other than 3D vision or HDMI2.0).
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