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3D Video Card for Microserver

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I recently purchased a N54L HP Microserver, with the intention of storing all my media on this box and streaming it to all the devices. The server would double up as an HTPC by being connected to my A/V received in the living room. The server specs are as follows:

HP Series ProLiant G7 N54L Ultra Micro Tower

AMD Turion II Model Neo N54L

8GB DDR3 Unbuffered ECC

150W non-hot plug, non redundant power supply

Windows Home Server 2011 OS

I plan to add a video card with HDMI out so I can hook this up to the A/V receiver, but I'd like to future proof this setup. Even though I don't have a 3D ready TV or Receiver, I'd like to have the capability to be able to play 3D content in the near future. The box only accepts low profile video cards.

Does anyone have any recommendations on a good 3D Video card that has a low profile, has HDMI out and would work with this setup?
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I would support the above product.

The Radeon 6450 is a nice half-height with low enough power draw for the MicroServer to handle.

There are fan-less (silent) options in that chipset, if noise might be an issue in your application.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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